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Learn about the essentials on how to buy and use our different types of tickets, as well as some general rules on boarding the bus and what you can bring.

Tickets we offer for our local buses

  • Single ticket: Applies for a single journey, but with transfer to another bus within the time limit of the ticket. Valid for 60 minutes within one zone from activation.
  • 24-hours ticket: Unlimited bus travel within 24 hours from activation.
  • 7-days ticket: Unlimited bus travel within 7 days from activation.
  • 30-days ticket: Unlimited bus travel within 30 days from activation.
  • 180-days ticket: Unlimited bus travel within 180 days from activation
  • Travel money: Fill your travel card with travel money. This will work as you designated travel wallet on our local buses. You can pay for single tickets with your travel money on the bus.

Pricing for all the products can be found on our website - https://www.farte.no/reise/billetter-og-priser/ - or contact us via e-mail on farte@telemarkfylke.no

How and where to buy our tickets

Tickets can be bought at our sales offices - https://www.farte.no/reise/salgskontor/ - As well as on our buses and phone applications - https://www.farte.no/reise/billetter-og-priser/farte-appen/ - Travel cards can be recharged on the bus, our sales offices or in our web shop - https://www.farte.no/nettbutikk/

  • Download Farte-app on mobile phone in AppStore or GooglePlay. Buy single ticket and 24-hours ticket with Farte-app before boarding the bus.
  •  Buy 7-days, 30-days og 180 days tickets and travel money before boarding online at farte.no. You need a travel card to buy these tickets.
  • You can buy travel card onboard the buses or at one of our sales offices.
  • You can buy a ticket on board the bus with cash or credit card.

Ticket on mobile app

  • Every ticket you buy on the mobile will have a QR-code which you scan on the bus when boarding.

How to buy a travel card

You can buy a travel card on the bus or at one of our sales offices - https://www.farte.no/reise/salgskontor/ - The card costs 50 NOK. Take good care of your card. It can be reused. We do not refund the travel card.

How to fill and use the travel card

After buying a travel card, you can fill it right on the bus or the sales office where you got it, or register the card in our web shop and fill it online.

  • Our travel card supports all our products.
  • When you’ve filled up your card, you validate it on the bus by holding the card against the bus card scanner. Sometimes, right after a refill, the scanning process might take a couple of seconds longer to validate the card. Make sure to hold the card on the scanner as still as possible and wait for the scanner to react.
  • If you fill up you card with a new product before your current product has run out, it will stay in a queue behind your active product. It won’t activate before your active product has run out.

How to register your travel card

Travel cards can be registered in our web shop.

  • Buy a card on the bus or from one of our sales offices.
  • Make a user on https://www.farte.no/nettbutikken/
  • Register your card using the card ID number that’s printed on the back side of the bus card, as well as on the receipt from when you buy or refill a card on the bus or at a sales office.
  • After that you can fill up your card.

Benefits of registering your travel card.

  • You can always see the content on your travel card
  • Digital receipts
  • you will have the travel card ID number online in case you lose your card and physical receipt. This ID number can be used to transfer contents from an old card to a new card.

Remember to always have a valid ticket before boarding the bus.

Always scan your ticket when you board the bus, or buy one directly from the driver with cash or credit card. 

What you can bring on the bus

  • Prams, wheelchairs, skis, and bicycles – free of charge.
  • Dogs, cats, and other animals in a cage or on a lead – free of charge.
  • The bus driver will decide if it’s sufficient space on the bus. If not, you will be denied access on this specific departure.

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  • Sunday: Closed

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  • Open the same time as the customer service center.

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